Boi B'shalom

בואי בשלום

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Boi beshalom ateret ba'alah gam besimcha uv’ tzhala, toch emuney am segulah, boi calah, boi calah.
בואי בשלום עטרת בעלה גם בשמחה ובצהלה, תוך אמוני עם סגולה, בואי כלה, בואי כלה, (שבת מלכתא).


Come in peace, crown of your husband, with rejoicing​ and with cheerfuln​ess, in the midst of the faithful of the chosen people: come, O bride; come, O bride (the Sabbath Queen).

Trans​lation based on The Standard Prayer book by Simeon Singer (1915) (public domain)


Last verse of Lekha Dodi, sung at weddings


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