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Chasof Zroah Kodshecha Vekarev Keitz Hayeshuah, Nekom Nikmas Dam Avodecha Meiuma Harshoah. Ki Orcha Lanu Hayeshuah V'Ein Keitz Leyimei Haroah Dechei Admon Betzel Tzalmon Hakeim Lanu Roim Shiva
חשוף זרוע קדשיך וקרב קץ הישועה, נקום נקמת דם עבדיך מאמה הרשעה, כי ארכה לנו הישועה ואין קץ לימי הרעה, דחה אדמון בצל צלמון הקם לנו רועים שבעה


Expose your holy arm and bring the end of the redemptio​n.
Aveng​e the blood of your servants from the evil nation.
Becau​se the salvation​ has been a long time coming and there is no end to the days of evil.
Push Edom into the shadows and bring the seven shepherds​.

(User​-contribu​ted translati​on)


Last paragraph of Ma'oz tzur

Edom, referenced in the last paragraph, was associated with the Roman Empire in the Midrash and later with Christian nations. The paragraph may have been added in the Middle Ages to describe the persecution of Jews in Europe at that time. "Tzel tzalmon" might be translated as "the shadow of the cross."

See a Ma'oz Tzur commentary by Rabbi Raymond Apple


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