Haneshama Lach

הַנְשָמָה לָך

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Haneshamah Lach Vehagoof po'olach, Chusah Al Amalach
הַנְשָמָה לָך וְהַגוּף פְּעֳלָך חוּסָה עַל עָמָלָך


The soul is Yours, and the body is Your handiwork​, have mercy on the fruit of Your labors.

Trans​lation by Gabe Seed


Taken from the selichot prayers recited during the High Holiday season.

The recording of the Carlebach tune below is an amateur recording and may not be an accurate representation of the tune as written by Rabbi Carlebach. The tune is used with permission from copyright owner Neshama Carlebach. Neshama Carlebach has granted permission to the Zemirot Database to offer interactive streams and downloads of cover versions of the tune.

More tunes from Stanley Estrin can be found on You Tube at High Holidays Shaliach Tzibbur.


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