Mimitzraim Gealtanu

ממצרים גאלתנו

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ממצרים גאלתנו יהוה אלהנו. מבית עבדים פדיתנו. כל בכוריהם הרגת ובכורך ישראל גאלת. וים סוף להם בקעת. וזדים טבעת. וידידים עברו ים. ויכסו מים צריהם אהד מהם לא נותר. על זאת שבהו אהובים ורוממו לאל ונתנו...


From Egypt thou didst redeem us, O Lord our God, and from the house of bondmen thou didst deliver us; all their first born thou didst slay, but thy first-bor​n thou didst redeem; thou didst divide the Red Sea, and drown the proud; but thou madest the beloved to pass through, while the waters covered their adversari​es, not one of whom was left. Wherefore​ the beloved praised and extolled God, and offered..​.

Trans​lation from The Standard Prayer book by Simeon Singer (1915) (public domain)


This is part of the morning daily service after the reciting of the Shema and before beggining Shmone Esrei. A lovely praise to Hashem to remember and feel as if it were today that he saved us ALL from slavery in Egypt and to be "enslaved" no to him to do mitzvot and follow our holy Torah.


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