Ki Hirbeisa

כי הרבית

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כי הרבית טובות אלי,כי הגדלת חסדך עלי. מה אשיב לך והכל שלך,לך שמים אף ארץ לך. ואנחנו עמך וצאניך, וחפצים לעשות רצוניך.


Since you have given much of your goodness to me, since you have increased​ your kindness upon me.
What can i return to you and all is (already)​ yours, since to you is the heavens also the land is yours?
[And]​ we are your nation and your sheep, and we desire to do your will.

(User​-contribu​ted translati​on)


Lyrics: "Shir Hayichud" (said after maariv yom kippur night), day 1.
Composer: Avraham Melovitzky, composed ~2008 (see comments here: )
Sung by Chassidei Lelov:

Sung By Avraham Fried:


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