U-va'u Zarim

ובאו זרים

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U-va'u zarim be-mikdashi
Le-gadde'a keren yisrael
heiferu chogi ve-chodshi
shaveta avoda me-ariel

ve-ye'etayu chasmona'im tzivita
azartam oz u-gevura
le-yesha amecha yatzata
u-ge'altam chish mehera
ובאו זרים במקדשי
לגדע קרן ישראל
הפרו חגי וחדשי
שבתה עבודה מאריאל

ויאתיו חשמונאים ציוית
אזרתם עז וגבורה
לישע עמך יצאת
וגאלתם (י"א והשמדתם) חיש מהרה


Foreigner​s came into my Temple to lower the horn of Israel, they rejected my holidays and new moons, stopping the service from Ariel.

But then the Hasmonean​s came, at your command, you girded them with strength and bravery, You came out for the salvation​ of Your people and you redeemed them (some say: destroyed​ their foes) speedily.​

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According to this website, the words to this song are from the Imrei Aish, published in 1864. Source of tune recorded below is unknown (to us).


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