Russian Boy's Hopeless Plight


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A Russian boy’s hopeless plight,
dreariness fills his night,
hardship and pain befall him,
his chance of survival is slim.

Finding no source of true comfort,
to the Rebbe he turns, with a letter,
compelled to express to him,
how life could have been so much better.

The boy did not beg for an easier life,
nor for a hope to be free,
“Vos zol ich ton, az es davent zich nisht?” [What can I do if I cannot daven (pray)?]
That was the Russian boy's plea.

As the Rebbe spoke at a farbrengen,
the chassidim gazed on in surprise,
as the Rebbe choked with emotion,
and tears welled up in his his eyes.



Song popular with Chabad Lubavitch. Believed to be in the public domain.


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