El Meod Na'alla

אל מאד נעלה

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El meod naala akadem panav
Beshira utehila avo lemonav [x2]

Kimei moshe veaharon
Yovileni lemishkenotav [x2]

Lu shavati ta'al, veyishma koli, veyislach li ma'al, ve'yazor li [x2]

Ya'azen le'imrei fi ve'al yafen le'ma'aleli [x2]

Yah harem le'chatan, ve'chalato, bezchut av ha'eitan, vetzidkato [x2]

Vetimloch hamalkah Rachel, ke'Shlomo bemalchuto. [x2]
אל מאד נעלה, אקדם פניו בשירה ותהלה, אבוא למעוניו, כימי משה ואהרן, יובילני למשכנותיו:

לו שועתי תעל, וישמע קולי, ויסלח לי מעל, ויעזר לי יאזן לאמרי פי ואל יפן למעללי:

יה הרם לחתן, וכלתו, בזכות אב האיתן, וצדקתו, ותמלך המלכה רחל, כשלמה במלכותו:


A most honorable​ God, I shall greet him
With singing and praise, I will come before his dwelling
And like Moses and Aaron he will lead me
To his abode.

He will lend his ear and hear my voice
And will forgive me from above, and help me
He wil listen to the words of my mouth
And won't turn away from my activitie​s

God will lift up the groom, and his bride,
In the merit of the mighty father, and his righteous​ness
And will crown Queen Rachel
As Solomon in his kingship

(User​-contribu​ted translati​on)


Maqam Bayat

Author: Rabbi Moses Ashear
Time period: 19th century

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