Vehu Yashmieinu

וְהוּא יַשְמִיעֵנוּ

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Vehu yashmieinu berachamav sheinit le'einei kol chai.
וְהוּא יַשְמִיעֵנוּ בְּרַחֲמָיו שֵנִית לְעֵינֵי כָּל חָי.


He will declare to us, in his mercy, a second time, in front of all creation.​

Trans​lation by Gabe Seed


One tune to this song involves motions. The first time singing it, sway back and forth. The second time, sway side to side. The third time, move in circles. The fourth time, repeatedly stand up and sit down. The fifth time, sway front to back, side to side, in a circle, and stand up and sit down as many times as it takes you to finish the tune (about twice).
The last time, everyone at the table can put together any motion combination they like.


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