V'Zakeinu l'Kabel Shabatot

וזכנו לקבל שבתות

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V'zakeinu lekabel shabatot

Mitoch rov simcha

Umitoch osher ve'chavod

Umitoch miut a'vanut

Ve'ten banu yetzer tov le'avdecha be'emet u'veyirah u'veahava
וזכנו לקבל שבתות

מתוך רב שמחה

ומתוך עושר וכבוד

ומתוך מיעוט עוונות

ותן בנו יצר טוב לעבדך באמת וביראה ובאהבה


And may we merit to receive Shabbos in the midst of great happiness​, and in the midst of wealth and honor and in the midst of few transgres​sions. And place within us a good inclinati​on so that we may serve you with truth, awe and with love.
(User​ contribut​ed translati​on)


This is a niggin sung Friday night after singing Shalom Alechem and before Aishes Chayil. It is also sung during Shalosh Suedes.


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