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Nekadesh et shimcha,
Keshem shemakdishim oto bishmei marom.

Yimloch Hashem, Hashem l'olam elokayich tziyon l'dor v'dor haleluya.

V'atah kadosh yoshev tehillot Yisrael, Yisrael Kel na.
נקדש את שמך בעולם
כשם שמקדישים אותו בשמי מרום.

ימלוך ה' לעולם
אלוקיך ציון לדור ודור הללויה.

ואתה קדוש יושב תהילות ישראל, אל נא.


We will sanctify Your name in the world just as they sanctify Him in the Heavens above.

Hashe​m Your G-d will reign forever over Zion for all generatio​ns, Halleluya​h!

And You, Holy One, sit and receive the praise of Israel, God please now!

User-​contribut​ed translati​on


The first two lines are from the liturgy (Kedusha blessing). The last line is from Psalms 22:4 and also from the liturgy.

A popular arrangement by Miami Boys Choir presents these traditional verses in this order.


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