Elyonim Sasu

עליונים ששו

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Elyonim Sasu v'sachtomin alzu, b'kabalas Torah haketuvah miSinai

To'ar kallah m'od nisalah b'kabalas yom zeh aseres devarim
עליונים ששו ותחתונים עלזו בקבלת תורה הכתובה מסיני
תואר כלה מאד נתעלה בקבלת יום זה עשרת דברים


The Higher Realms rejoiced and the Lower Realms exulted when the written Torah was accepted from Sinai.

The beautiful​ bride was very much elevated when, on that day, the Ten Commandme​nts were received.​

(User​-contribu​ted translati​on)


From the Shavuos liturgy. Often sung to various tunes in Hasidic communities on Shavuos.


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